Growing Herbal Teas E-book
Growing Herbal Teas E-book
Growing Herbal Teas E-book

Growing Herbal Teas E-book

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This 40-page ebook is the answer to so many of those growing tea questions you have! Yes! You can grow your own herbal tea! Yes! Many of the herbs you already have in your yard may be used for tea! 


  • Herbal Tea as Medicine
  • Basic Growing Options
  • Herb Preservation Methods
  • Basic Tea Blending
  • Monographs & Tea Recipes for Mint, Roses, Elderberries, Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Verbena, Rosemary
  • Equipment and Resources list and printables

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After many years at the market the biggest question we would get other than, "Which tea is your favorite?" was, "I have this (insert herb here) in my yard, and what can I make tea with that?

Most often times the answer was yes! But it isn't always as simple as yes you can make tea with that. The next question was, "Can I use it fresh, or do I have to do something with it?"

It's time to learn how simple and fun it can be with this ebook. Stock your own herbal tea cupboard with blends that you make, fresh from the garden, with the flavors you love most.


Find our 6 day workshop on tea blending here to go with the e-book.

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