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Howdy my name is CeAnne...

Wife to The Farmer and Mama to 4 adopted kiddos. I help farm lov'n families turn common herbs into powerful medicines in order to create health and wellness for their families, without the fuss. In 2014 we left our small city lot for our 2 acre farm outside of town. With dreams of growing the bulk of our own food we also started hand crafting our own herbal medicines and teas. It all started with a single packet of seeds and the lovely calendula flower. Read more about how this flower started our herbal path.

Faith, Family, Farm

Inspired to integrate our farm life into our work life we decided to take our family on a full time farming adventure. All six members of our family now live, work and school at home together.

Our four children were adopted from all over the world. With those special circumstances come special challenges. Farm life has helped us and them over come those challenges. It has given the children the space they need to grow and thrive. Our business has allowed us to be here with them and provide that extra support and love.

Our products are a reflection of our belief that we are stewards of the land and that food is our best medicine. Each tea has been carefully crafted to not only look beautiful but taste great and help support our local economy and farms.

Every cup not only helps support our family but other local families as well. Our teas are truly crafted and sipped with a cause in mind. We thank all of our patrons from the bottom of our hearts and welcome all those of you who are new to be a part of our family and farm!

We invite you to join our journey through our blog, v-log on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Here is to a great cuppa from our farm to you home,

CeAnne & the Farmhouse Crew

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