Shipping Updates


Current Order Processing Time - Same or Next Day

Shipping Estimates- 2-3 days from package leaving the farm, please note emails may go out before actual carrier pick-up. Sometimes labels are printed on a Friday and don't leave until a Monday.



Currently shipping on time. All order 3-4 days processing time before shipment. Shipping delay of 1 day due to holiday on Monday October the 12th 2020 (Columbus Day).


Herbal Challenge Kit update- Currently shipping all challenge kits up through the 1st of October. Please note there is a holiday on Monday that will add an extra day to shipping. We are still open and will be processing orders but shipping will be delayed because there is no mail pick up on a federal holiday. 



Herbal Challenge Kit Update- Some of you have or will receive shipping confirmations today. We have processed orders up to the 27th of September. We expect the next batch to head out Friday or Saturday as we are waiting on an ingredient that was delayed in it's shipment to us. Our apologies for the delays.


As of today Herbal Challenge kits are up to two weeks processing time due to overwhelming demand. All other orders may be delayed with a processing time of 3-6 days. Thank you for your patience during this busy time. We feel very blessed by your support! 


All orders are caught up and shipped. We are resuming our normal shipping schedule of 2-3 days processing upon order placement. Thank you for your patience as we recover from the fire evacuation.

For those aware the flash flood warning that happened in our area yesterday the storm went right near us but skipped us. While some suffered flooding, mud in their garages, trees and fences down we only had a lightening storm and light rain. God has been good and watched over our little farm. Thank you again for all the prayers.


We are back at packing orders again today. We are currently working on orders from the 8th-10th. Those orders should be shipping today! If you have any questions please email me at

Roads are opening in our area and people are starting to return to what is left of their homes. Please continue to pray for our community as well as the flash floods that are predicted for this evening. Thank you again for your patience during this time.


We started shipping orders today! YAY! We were able to get back in our house on the 14th and had a bunch of clean up to do. The fridges were without power so we had loads of food to get tossed before we had mold issues on top of smoke issues. The smoke seems to have contained itself in the downstairs of our house. The tea studio being upstairs didn't hardly smell at all. YAY! God is good! We are so grateful for all of your orders and are anxiously working on catching up. We are running about 10 days behind at the moment so if you ordered on the 5th we are working on those today. Hopefully later this week we have back up help and can speed that order speed up. Thank you for your patience and prayers.



We are hoping order processing will resume sometime next week (9/14-9/20)  if the fires hold where they are or improve even more. Power was back to the farm as of 9/11/20 but air quality remains unsafe along with continued fires in the area. Another update will be provided then. Refunds may still be requested here. Thank you for your patience



All previous orders are delayed 7-10 days along with new orders due to our needing to evacuate the farm, our house and tea studio for the Oregon Fires. Refunds may be requested here. Thank you for your patience.