Apple Pie - Kombucha Flavoring
Apple Pie - Kombucha Flavoring

Apple Pie - Kombucha Flavoring

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Locally grown Organic Oregon apples are featured in this kombucha flavoring pack, along with cinnamon and ginger this blend is sure to remind you of warm apple pie while sipping your bubbly. Free of any flavorings, additives, or chemicals and safe for flavoring your finished kombucha during a second fermentation. 

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Comes in a 1.5 oz bag. Steeps about 6 to 10 -16 oz bottles of kombucha. Flavor strength varies with each drinker, use more or less as tastes prefer. The average flavor requires 1 tsp per 16 oz of kombucha. Steep 1-3 days then strain and enjoy or store for later use.

Ingredients: Organic Cinnamon, Organic Apples, Organic Ginger.

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