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AIP Not Cocoa Mix | AIP Diet

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Are you diving into the Autoimmune Paleo diet and having to part with your chocolate for now? I know it's hard (I love my chocolate too, especially after giving up coffee) so we crafted an AIP-approved Not Cocoa mix to sip on while you are on the elimination phase of AIP. Just add your own milk/cream of choice or allowance or enjoy with hot water.

This is the perfect drink to warm up with around family and friends. Top with AIP-friendly marshmallows for creamy sweet perfection. Comes in Full-Size bags (5.5 oz) and makes 12-15 cups. Perfect for a morning treat! 

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Rich, nutty taste, somewhat similar to caramel with rich molasses like sweetness.

Organic Roasted Carob Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar

Full Size bags have: 25 to 30 Servings

Trial Size bags have: 8 to12 Servings (Not all flavors have trial size as an option)

Cocoa Mixes - Add 1 TBL of cocoa mix to 6-8 oz of boiling water (212° F). We recommend starting with 1-2 oz of water, then stirring before adding the rest of the water. Add your choice of warmed milk/cream as desired. We love half water/half milk. Use all milk/cream in place of water if desired. Stir well until cocoa mix is evenly incorporated and sugar (if using or if already in mix) is dissolved. Other sweeteners of choice may be added at this stage.

Store in an airtight container away from temperature extremes and sunlight.

Carob: Large doses may cause constipation due to the high tannin content.

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Sarah G.
Great for Low Histamine Diet

This was wonderful. It was just what I was craving on my low histamine diet for my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and I can have it because it has no chocolate, and no garbage sweeteners. I combined two Tbsp with 12 oz of warm whole milk and the result was bliss! Buy this, and gift this. The only slightly missing part is the bitterness of dark chocolate.

*These reviews are the opinions and experiences of individual customers and should not be taken as medical advice. These reviews are the opinions and experiences of individual customers and should not be taken as medical advice. See full disclaimer here.

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