Is it Organic?

Love our teas and wondering if they are organic and how they are grown? Here are the details!

We love providing herbs that are the freshest and highest quality grown. That usually means that those ingredients need to be grown local. When we can, we support small family local farms. It might be our own farm the ingredient is grown on or maybe another farm. Whether it is us or someone else that is small most often times the organic certification isn't always a viable expense for small businesses. 

With that said we believe in organic PRACTICES whole heartedly. We believe that God placed us as stewards of the land and that it is our duty to honor that. Also we believe the the highest quality ingredients give us the highest quality nutrition. We use farms who use organic practices even though they may not be certified as such. There are 2 exceptions; one is the local cherries in our Cherry Country Chai that will be swapped out for a California grown organic Cherry in January of 2021. Also the cranberries we use are non-gmo but may not be organically grown. This is because most cranberries that are already dried come dried with sweeteners and additives... even organic ones. We prefer a local Oregon grown, non-gmo cranberry that is unsweetened and dried here on the farm so we get the highest quality.

Now when we can't find a high-quality product locally, in the large amount that we need, we purchase from certified organic companies in order to help keep to you, our customer, down, as well as keeping the product quality-high. 

The labels and ingredient list on the website will note if the ingredient is local and/or organic. We are always happy to share the origin of the herbs too. Just email us below with your ingredient questions.