Herbal Steam Mix
Herbal Steam Mix

Herbal Steam Mix

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It's time to breathe deep and get a little clarity. This dump and go mix is perfect to have on hand for your herbal steam needs. Simply add the dry herbs to hot bowling water. Make a tent above your head with a large towel or small blanket while leaning over the bowl. Breath in deep. Keeping your eyes closed and repeat as needed. These aromatic herbs will fill your sinuses with so much herbal goodness! Comes in Full-Size Bag (2.5 oz) approx. 2 herbal steams. Directions come on the packaging. THIS IS NOT A FOOD ITEM, PLEASE DO NOT CONSUME. INTENDED FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. 

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Ingredients: Organic Peppermint, Organic Eucalyptus, Organic Rosemary, Organic Mullein


Steep a Batch in 3 Simple Steps!

Add 1 1/4 oz of herbal mix to a heat-safe bowl. Pour 4-5 cups of hot water over the top.

Make a tent above your head with a large towel or small blanket while you lean over the bowl of herbs and hot water.

Breath in deeply. Inhale. Keeping eyes closed. Repeat as needed 

Caution: Not for children 10 and under. Do not drink, intended for steam extraction only. Make sure eyes are closed while inhaling.

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