Grow Create Sip Magazine- PRINT EDITION
Grow Create Sip Magazine- PRINT EDITION

Grow Create Sip Magazine- PRINT EDITION

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  • Are you tired of magazines that are nothing but ads?
  • Have you been looking for an herbal magazine that isn't full of woo woo herbalism and supports your traditional conservative values?
  • Are you craving tactile pages that you can hold, and feel, and save? Over digital information overload? Well my herb loving friend, you are in the right place! 

Introducing a one of a kind PRINTED herbal magazine! 

This 20-page PRINTED introduction magazine (which I plan to grow upwards to 40 pages as we get more subscribers) offers inspiration with creative and fun herbalist recipes, herbal drinks without the junk, and other various content related to herbs, tea, herbal gardening, apothecary recipes, kombucha making & more homesteading goodness!

The CURRENT, Summer 2023 SINGLE COPY edition features:

  • Grow, Harvest & Use Chamomile
  • Chamomile As a Home Remedy
  • Floral Garden Repose Tea Tutorial
  • Blueberry Mint Arnold Palmer Recipe
  • Mai Thai Mocktail Recipe
  • Summer Look Book
  • Dehydrating Botanicals

* Currently this is a smaller, QUARTERLY magazine. As subscriber's grow the magazine pages as well as the frequency will increase from quarterly to bimonthly/monthly. LIMITED COPIES AVAILABLE This is a SINGLE COPY NOT a subscription for multiple copies.

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