Coffee Rum Horchata Caramels (One Fork Farm)

Coffee Rum Horchata Caramels (One Fork Farm)

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Horchata, the traditional rice milk and cinnamon drink from Mexico, starts with an agave-based caramel, blends it with homemade Horchata, and finishes it off with Below Deck Coffee Rum from Portland’s Eastside Distilling. The result is a rich, warm, complex flavor that unfolds throughout every bite. Made in the United States of America

Introducing One Fork Farm Caramels! Their old-fashioned caramels are hand-made with honey, cream, and butter, sea salt from the Oregon Coast, and locally crafted spirits, teas, and chocolate. They never include corn syrup or anything artificial. They truly care about producing the finest quality caramels possible.

Comes with 4 Pieces (1.8 oz)  A great Mother's Day treat, Father's Day, hostess gift, or stocking stuffer! Or even just a tea time treat!


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