Anxiety Busting Tea Blending Ingredients


      Well, howdy there Homestead Kitchen fans! We are glad to have you here and it's time to blend some time! 

      Below you will find the 3 herbs that are used in the Anxiety Busting tea blend recipe from the Homestead Kitchen magazine by Homesteading Family.  The essentials are the peppermint, tulsi holy basil, and rose petals. I'd recommend the 4 oz bags to get you started. You are welcome back any time for more!

      In addition are listed some other items that you might find helpful such as tea bags (if you are new to loose leaf tea) and Carolyn's favorite in cup tea infuser. We love these too because they are durable and simple to use and to clean!

      The teaspoons make loose leaf tea easy to measure out and an enjoyable daily ritual to add to help bring calm and peace to your days.

      If you really want to dive deep into tea blending our Tea Blending Kit is here that comes with 10+ simple recipes in addition to the one printed in the Homestead Kitchen magazine. Including the herbs needed to make the Anxiety Busting Tea Blend.

      This Tea blending kit is also used in conjunction with our Medicinal Teas in Small Spaces Course if blending medicinal teas is something on your to-learn list during these cold winter days!

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