Velvet Chocolate Caramels (One Fork Farm)

Velvet Chocolate Caramels (One Fork Farm)

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There is no union more perfect than the melding of caramel and chocolate. One Fork Farm & Woodblock Chocolate, Portland’s premier “bean to bar” chocolate manufactory, brings this wonderful chocolate infusion. 

Introducing One Fork Farm Caramels! Their old-fashioned caramels are hand-made with honey, cream, and butter, sea salt from the Oregon Coast, and locally-crafted spirits, teas, and chocolate. They never include corn-syrup or anything artificial. They truly care about producing the finest quality caramels possible.

Comes with 4 Pieces (1.8 oz)  A great Mother's Day treat, Father's Day, hostess gift, or stocking stuffer! Or even just a tea time treat!

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Velvet Chocolate Caramel Ingredients- Cane Sugar, Cream (Milk), Organic Blue Agave Nectar, Wildflower Honey, Butter (Cream, Salt) Woodblock Chocolate 70% Cacao (Cacao, Cane Sugar), Vanilla Extract (Madagascar Vanilla Bean Extractives, distilled Water, Alcohol), Cream of Tartar, Contains Milk.