Seasonal Trial Size Teas
Seasonal Trial Size Teas
Seasonal Trial Size Teas
Seasonal Trial Size Teas
Seasonal Trial Size Teas

Seasonal Trial Size Teas

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Never before offered this way, our trial size seasonal teas can be grabbed individually while supplies last!

They contain 8-10 cups of tea each (weights of bags vary depending on voluminousness of individual blends)

Grab a black caffeinated blend like Christmas Breakfast or Christmas Pudding. Or trial one of our herbal naturally caffeine free blends such as Aronia Plum Berry, Gingerbread Spice or Winter Wonderberry.

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Christmas Pudding- 

Traditional English and Irish Christmas desserts are brought to your cup with this fruity and spiced black tea blend. While Christmas pudding is a favorite amongst many this cuppa won't take as long to brew as traditional Christmas pudding takes to make.

Yet this Christmas Pudding tea is filled with the same sweet fruits (apricots, raisins, and citrus) and spices (cinnamon & nutmeg). For your Downton Abbey fan's this will beat Mrs. Patmore's pudding any day! 

Christmas Breakfast-

The traditional English Breakfast tea meets Cinnamon bun! Perfect for Christmas morning or any morning! This black tea is paired with cinnamon chips as well as vanilla and maple extras. A spicy smooth blend. This malty bold tea pairs well with scones, clotted cream, and some fruit spread. 

Aronia Plum Berry-

This tea features Oregon grown Aronia berries, plums, and cornflowers. A spin-off the traditional sugar plum which is a candy that has a hard outer coating of sugar... think along the lines of the Jordan almond or an M&M type candy. A sweeter, desert-like tea which comes from the licorice root and organic extracts. 

Gingerbread Spice-

This spicy fall and winter blend is a great afternoon pick-me-up, great for warming the body on a cold rainy day! The vanilla bean paired with the sweet organic red rooibos evens out this sweet-spicy tea. Cinnamon and ginger are the prominent flavors but all ingredients combined ensure that this cup will bring back the smell and flavor of Gingerbread cookies! Add a bit of milk and sweetener to turn this yummy cup o' tea into a latte! 

Winter Wonderberry-

Beautiful Wild Maine Blueberries meet Oregon Aronia berries in this minty tea! A little bit of berry, a little flavor of earthy green tea from the herbal green rooibos, and some peppermint make this a refreshing holiday blend. Almost like picking sun-kissed berries from the fresh-smelling white winter snow and sipping it in a cup! 

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