DIY Kombucha Making Kit
DIY Kombucha Making Kit
DIY Kombucha Making Kit
DIY Kombucha Making Kit
DIY Kombucha Making Kit

DIY Kombucha Making Kit

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Save TIME and $$ MONEY with this D.I.Y. Kit! No more spending $4-$6 a bottle on that kombucha habit! AND make it taste JUST THE WAY you want it to when you make it! This kit makes it simple and easy to get your homemade kombucha going without the fuss and time of trying to find all of the pieces!

*During warm Summer months please plan to activate your scoby ASAP as it will be very hungry from it's warm ride through the mail. Waiting beyond a week may result in a moldy scoby that is unsafe. Scobies will not be shipped over the weekend to help keep them from being hungry, orders may be delayed a day or two.

Kit includes:

  • 1 2.5 oz Bag of Three Sisters Black Kombucha Tea Blend
  • 1 LIVE Scoby (not pictured in box)
  • 2.5" Strainer
  • 1 Box Unbleached Tea Bags
  • 1 LB Organic Unbleached Cane Sugar
  • Directions
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE container to make it in ( Quart to 1/2 gallon canning jars are great) or  and clean filtered water

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Not included but NEEDED to use kit:

  • Clean Filtered Water & Pot for Boiling Water
  • Glass Container for Brewing such as Quart or 1/2 Gallon Canning Jar depending on the amount you decide to make
  • OPTIONAL: Containers for bottling your brew for more fizz


Find additional Kombucha Brewing tips below:

Basic DIY Kombucha Recipe (Included on the printed card in kit)

Peach Kombucha Rita Recipe Tutorial

Using Kombucha as an Eletrolyte Drink

Continuous Brewing Kombucha System and Directions for Avid Consumers

Photos by Kayla Joy Creative 

    There are differing opinions one the effects of herbals on the kombucha scoby health recommend using a spare scoby when brewing with herbal teas. This blend also contains hibiscus which will turn your scoby pink and leave a fruity twist to it, making it best to use a spare or hibiscus only scoby for this blend. LEARN MORE ABOUT USING HERBS AND FLAVORINGS IN YOUR FIRST FERMENT HERE


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